Why You Need Intermittent Catheters

In many instances, the use of intermittent catheters is necessary. These catheters are useful in numerous situations. People who need to use a product for self-catheterization most commonly use them. This process is only safe when the proper equipment is used for it. This often means that individuals need to ensure that they purchase high quality products designed for the specific needs of the individual. You should talk to your doctor first about if you need these, how to use them and what to buy. Never try inserting anything without your doctor's approval first.

The use of intermittent catheters allows for a sterile process of draining any urine present in the bladder. In a person without any type of urinary problems, the urine remains in the bladder until it is passed through urination. However, for some people, especially those suffering from incontinence, the bladder is unable to hold urine for any amount of time. It drains out of the body as the body produces it. This can be a problem in many instances. These catheters, though, can collect that urine into a bag or another device. That helps to keep everything sanitary and reduces the risk of complications.

There are many uses for intermittent catheters. In most cases, these devices work to reduce the risk of developing a urinary tract infection. In situations where proper urination is not possible, these tools can help to remove urine safely and therefore protect the kidneys in the process. Many of these products are used for normal draining on a daily basis. Others are only needed for a short period of time, such as until the person gains more control over his or her bodily functions.

You can purchase intermittent catheters from a variety of locations. If you buy from a medical site, ensure the site sells name brand products. Also, ensure the company sells products that fit your specific need. Do not alter the size, diameter or the structure of these catheters when using them for your own needs. That can lead to infections, irritations as well as injury to the area. Some of the best products are pre-lubricated for your convenience. Others are not - which is a good option for those who may be more sensitive in that area. With your doctor's permission to do so, you can buy these catheters from a medical site and use them at home safely, by following your doctor's directions.

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