VMware Backup for Small Networks

Even small business networks sometimes need more than one server. For such businesses, VMware allows them to have as many servers as they need without having to lay out capital for new hardware resources. These networks oftentimes have part-time administrators or administrators with less experience than the average large network tech. For that reason, VMware backup can sometimes be difficult to implement. Most small network administrators will be familiar with using proprietary software directly connected to the operating system to do backups. Where VMware is concerned, there can be many different operating systems using the same network hardware.

Getting these different servers backed up correctly can be done with third-party software. This also allows the data to be backed up to any device, whether it’s a tape drive or another machine. The backup is done via a virtual appliance, not with a piece of hardware. The servers need to be able to be backed up at different levels. If you employ an outside tech, they will usually configure this part of your backup system for you, based on your usage and your companies needs. Some backups simply restore the entire system and others only restore certain servers.

VMware backup does not have to consume huge amounts of network resources. The software, if it’s properly built, can provide multiple backup data streams, which means the backups can be performed much more quickly than if there were only one or two streams. This means that even large networks can be backed up quickly, making it easy to set these routines to run at night and to ensure that they’ll be completed by the morning. These backups can be restored in a way that allows you to avoid incurring yet another business expense.

Some VMware backup products require proprietary software to be used to restore the system. This is not the case with all of them, however. The better programs allow the user to restore from an executable file, or from another format that requires no proprietary interface. This frees the system from being under the control of one particular manufacturer’s products and also makes sure that a flaw in one of those products doesn’t prevent restoration. For small businesses, saving money is always a concern. VMware can help a lot with this on its own, but there are other products that can help you save even more.

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