Top Cyber Security Concerns in New York

The digital world is an ever changing environment and with every new digital revolution hackers are the first to dissect it and gain control. It's because of this endless battle for online safety that cyber security degrees are becoming one of the fastest growing degree paths in the technology field.

The internet has become, in every sense of the word, a digital world. The interwebs are used to communicate, to share thoughts and ideas, to buy and sell and with the advent of digital printing to even take a tangible object, scan it and send it to be printed by someone else. The ease in which people can now use the internet through a myriad of different devices has opened up security risks in every area.

Social Media

The newest trend in communication, social media, utilizes sharing sites like Facebook, Google+ and Instagram to encourage people to share not only their thoughts and pictures but also where they are and what they are doing at any moment of the day.

This can give stalkers, thieves and hackers information about daily activities, who you're close to and what you like and dislike. They can then use this information to gain your trust and use that trust to gain access to personal information such as bank and credit card information or worse.

A few steps you can take to protect yourself are to not post pictures of daily events until your home and to turn of location services attached to any pictures that you upload such as GPS tags. Also, familiarize yourself with the security settings of any sharing program you use and disallow others to tag you without your permission.

Cloud Computing

With the advent of cloud computing and other cloud services many individuals and businesses are heading to the cloud. The many benefits of using the cloud include price and ease of access, especially when traveling. However, this ease of access also makes the cloud a desirable target for hackers.

To help protect yourself while using the cloud make sure that you use a strong password that utilizes numbers, symbols, capital letters and accented letters. Use a different password for each service and use a password vault to keep your passwords safe.

Mobile Devices

It seems like every day a new device comes out that is smaller, lighter and easier to use. While these devices have more built in security then ever before they are also a security hazard as they are easily lost or stolen and many times are even sold without the prior owner having done a factory reset and removing the memory card.

Always treat any device that you use online as if it was your social security number. Protect it with a password, keep close tabs on it physically and dispose of it safely. Many devices now come equipped with the ability to encrypt data which will add a second layer of protection if your device is lost or stolen.

Digital Recording Devices

Many people don't think twice about a friend or colleague taking their picture to share online. However, virtually anything that can be photographed can be reproduced somewhere else.

Photographs of documents can easily be printed out and a snapshot of you smiling in your cubicle can capture anything from documents on your desk, passwords on sticky notes or even keys that can be recreated from just a simple snapshot by using a digital printer.

Always remember, where ever you go, you leave a digital trail and the best scenario is to leave as small a trail as possible.

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