The Virtual Software Difference

Since there initial creation computers have been a huge boon for businesses. Today, the thought of working without a computer just seems like an absurd, backwards notion. As great as computers are though there is one thing that makes them seem less desirable, and that would be just how much they cost. The initial price of purchasing a computer isn’t too bad; it will cause some strain but not a huge one, especially since you’re usually able to buy them in bulk at a reduced price. Where the costs really start to add up is when you have to start upgrading the computers. New software is always coming out, some of it being quite essential to your business. Clients aren’t going to want to work with a company that has an outdated or incompatible version of Office.

Once virtual software had hit the markets however these soon become issues of the past. Virtual software works by allowing a computer to hook up to another host computer and use the software and hardware of the host, requiring only the bare minimum to actually be able to run the virtual software. Of course this is too small scale for anything but the smallest of businesses, which is why there’s XenServer.

XenServer is virtual software that goes one step beyond and allows for multiple instances of virtual machines to be run at a time, meaning you’ll be able to create a small network. Again, this might not seem like too big of a deal when you consider just how many employees are going to need to connect, but with XenServer you’re able to go further and connect the actual servers onto a network as well, meaning you can essentially have as many guest computers running virtual machines as you want.

Because everything is hooked up to one main host managing configuration couldn’t be easier. Instead of worrying about each individual computer being managed, you just have to make the necessary changes to the main host and all the other virtual machines will receive those changes. This will let you set up the best performance possible for all of the computers. As nice as XenServer is, it’s key that you have a XenServer backup. Software reviews will show you how reliable and easy to use backup XenServers are, taking up almost nothing in space and barely touching the networks memory so you don’t have to worry about the rest of the computers being drained.


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