The Importance of a Restaurant Menu Cover

What makes a restaurant attractive to those who walk in isn't simply the food, the service and the overall decorative environment; even the seemingly smallest details, such as the menu's cover, can affect a customer's impression of the place. What makes a restaurant appealing in its own unique way are the things the customer can notice just out of the corners of their eyes.

When the waiter first stops at the table, seating the customers, he or she hands them the item that will let them know exactly what they'll be getting. It's the menu and consequently something that will be opened from front to back every time it's handed out.

If a restaurant carries with it a particular motif, such as a Southwest atmosphere or perhaps vintage Italian, the menu's cover should reflect the mood of the place. Sometimes an image may not work best with the environment, with a fanciful textured material such as leather replacing a colorful representative image of the place. Other times a menu will be as vibrant as its lively surroundings.

Everything from the restaurant menu cover to the typeface in which the items read can affect a customer's appetite. If the cover is plain when it doesn't fit the mood of the restaurant, something as simple as that can cause a ripple in the attitude of the place. If the menu cover is ripped or damaged, this gives the impression that the eatery itself is as well. If the siding is worn and peeling apart between pages, this only makes the food and drinks listed appear unattractive. When it's obvious the menu cover isn't maintained, with the cover image washed out, or if the cover just isn't representative of the business itself, there's no question it should be replaced immediately.

Just because a restaurant's prices seem reasonable, doesn't mean the place itself needs to look cheap. It's surprising how even if the way the candles are perfectly lit in the center of the table, the scent of the room is pleasant and the atmosphere is clean and pristine, a battered or dissociative menu cover can stump the impressiveness as soon as it lands in a customer's hands. At the same time, a restaurant menu cover should be set apart from those of other restaurants, accompanying the already established setting which the restaurant contains, and ultimately helping to ensure customers' return.

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