The Best Coin Collection Month in 2010

Coin collection is exciting all year round, but December of 2010 is a particularly joyful month for avid coin collectors. December 2010 could be called the highlight of the year, as the U.S. Mint saves some of the best pieces for the holiday season. The month of December 2010 will be remembered as the month of Lincoln—Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln, specifically.

The sixteenth president of the United States will be yet again immortalized as he makes an appearance in the presidential coin series. (The series was actually first released in November.) The presidential spouse series will also commemorate Mary Todd Lincoln, the president’s famous and notorious wife. The set of the first spouse and Lincoln dollar will also be released, but towards the end of the first month.

December also brings highly coveted individual pieces for a coin collection, like the American Veterans Disabled for Life coin, which has already sold 260,000 mints of 350,000 total. It may take a few weeks or even a couple of months longer, but the winter season is likely to see the America the Beautiful silver coin. Its original release on December 6th has been delayed.

Naturally, the most coveted coin collection will be the Lincoln and Mary Todd series. While the spouse series is made from gold, the presidential series coins are made from a complex composition that includes copper, manganese, brass, zinc and nickel. The presidential series will hopefully revitalize interest in Lincoln as a politician and historical figure, just in time for the 2012 biopic by Steven Spielberg, which will star Daniel Day Lewis as the American president of 1861-1865. Lincoln was a complicated man, just as any elected president could be called, but is commonly considered one of the nation’s most beloved political figures.

The Abe Lincoln coin features the face of Lincoln as well as the famous patriotic expression “In God We Trust.” The reverse side includes a picture of the Statue of Liberty, along with a text reading the “United States of America” and $1. The designer of the back of the coin was Don Everhart and the front side has various designers credited.

Why not add a few historical mints to your collection? The coin collection is an important glimpse into the nation’s origins and heritage. Give the gifts of coinage this holiday season! You can find coins from a local coin dealer or from an online retailer.

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