Taking Care of American Eagle Gold Coins

Buying American Eagle gold coins is a big investment which often requires saving up money over a long period of time. Therefore, once you own a coin, it is important that you take care of the coin so it continues to grow in worth. Most coins will not require much cleaning and can be displayed in either individual cases or in bulk storage cases. No matter how you decide to store your coins, it is essential that they always remain in a dry location and are secured from theft.

Cleaning your Coins

Typically, just wiping down your coin should be enough to keep it clean. Dust and other debris often accumulates on coins if they are not kept inside a covering. If necessary, you can purchase a precious metal cleaning solution from your local American Eagle gold coins dealer to work on stains and other spots on your coins. Spray the solution on a clean cloth and not directly on the coin. Wipe the coin using small circular motions and let the coin dry completely before replacing it into a display or storage case.

Individual Displays

Small plastic individual displays are available that keep your coins safe from the environment while also protecting them from moisture, dust and dirt. These plastic displays offer a location on the top to write specific information about this coin including the kind of metal, original purchase price and weight of the coin. This is how you will often see coins displayed at coin shops because it allows dealers to keep all important information about the coin directly on the plastic individual display.

Bulk Storage

Some American Eagle gold coins are purchased in rolls or larger quantities and it might not be the best option to split them up and store them individually. For rolls of coins, you can purchase a box that stores these rolls and keeps them in a dry and secured place. You can also find a plastic roll case that goes around rolls of coins and allows the entire roll to fit securely into the plastic container. You can then add a sticker to the plastic container with all the important information about the coins.

Buying American Eagle gold coins is a great long-term investment, but it is important to properly store these coins so they remain valuable. By purchasing individual and bulk storage cases, you will ensure your coins always remain safe.


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