Take Advantage of the Decreased Cost of San Jose Solar Energy Systems

In the not-so-distant past, the cost of solar panels was a significant deterrent that steered people away from converting to solar. In the last few years, the state of California has made efforts to encourage homeowners and business owners to offset at least a portion of their conventional energy use to solar. Cost incentives from local and state programs, such as the California Solar Initiative, have made San Jose solar energy systems affordable for residents with various financial means.

With cost-effective San Jose solar energy systems, California residents can help combat carbon emissions that are produced by conventional energy sources. The environmental impacts of exploring for and extracting fossil fuels, and then using these unsustainable energy sources leads to environmental problems such as acid rain, smog and global warming. Our increased reliance on finite energy sources means that they are running out quicker than ever.

By installing a San Jose residential solar system on your home, you will be part of a significant portion of the California population that is leading the country in renewable, clean energy use. Instead of supporting industries that must consistently find new reserves of finite fossil fuels, you can feel proud to be part of a movement of forward-thinking individuals.

Of course, the alternative energy system that you use must also be affordable and provide financial benefits long term. Take advantage of the Federal Solar Tax Credit to reduce the upfront costs of your solar installation by 30%. Also, be sure to explore your rebate options through the California Solar Initiative. These programs and others ensure that even families with low incomes can take part in the solar movement, while reducing the amount spent on monthly electricity bills.

Many homeowners are choosing to purchase San Jose solar energy systems before solar incentive programs run out of funds. For example, the California Solar Initiative has a total budget of $2.167 billion that is quickly being used up, and this particular program ends in 2016.

Today’s financial incentives for owning a Verengo solar system are better than ever, and modern solar systems are more efficient than ever. As a result, reducing your carbon footprint by beginning with clean energy use at home is a realistic goal. In addition, you can give back to your community by selling clean, solar energy to your local utility company through California’s Net Energy Metering system. The financial and environmental incentives are far reaching, making now a better time than ever before to go solar.

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