Take Advantage of Free Energy with a Bakersfield Solar Energy Installation

Solar energy systems are no longer used by just a small minority of people. These days, just about everyone has heard about harnessing natural energy from the sun. Bakersfield solar energy installation has become a practical method for gathering energy in an environmentally friendly way that has the added bonus of saving homeowners a tremendous amount on their utility bills. Once the equipment is bought and installed, homeowners are able to harness a free source of clean energy.

As the cost of conventional energy sources goes up, an increased amount of focus is being place on solar energy systems. Fortunately, the cost of solar energy equipment and installation has been greatly reduced over time as a growing number of people are making use of Bakersfield solar panels. The equipment costs less and is also more efficient than ever before.

When a sufficient number of solar panels are installed on a home, it is possible to bring the cost of your utility bill down to zero. In fact, many homeowners are actually making money from their Bakersfield solar energy installation. There are now over 30 states, including California, that require utility companies to purchase any excess electricity that a homeowner’s solar energy system produces.

Homeowners who are still hesitant about paying the upfront costs of a solar photovoltaic system may be swayed by federal and state incentives. The 2005 Energy Policy Act was enacted in order to take steps towards a clean-energy future. The Act allows homeowners with solar energy systems to collect 30% of the total cost of a system (up to $2,000). In addition, the state of California offers solar energy rebates in order to offset the cost of solar energy installation.

When all federal and state incentives are added up and long-term savings are considered, Bakersfield solar energy installation makes a lot of sense. Once the system is paid off, homeowners will continue to reap the monetary rewards well into the future. In other words, those with solar photovoltaic systems on their home will begin to gain a positive cash flow. If you decide to sell your home before the system is paid off, you’ll be able to increase the market value of your home and the next homeowner will pay you back for your efforts.

Installing a solar energy system is beneficial to the homeowner as they save money and their home is cleaner from harnessing natural energy. By taking part in solar energy installation, you will also be contributing to a green energy solution for the planet. 

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