Surgilube Aids Health Care Providers

When you are providing patient care for certain procedures, it is essential to use a lubrication that will reduce the patient’s discomfort throughout treatment.  The use of a lubricant can make exams much more comfortable and easier for the patient and easier for the physician to perform.  Surgilube is a top product designed for this use. 

Medical news has shown that Surgilube is a necessary part of many medical procedures.  Surgilube is a lubricant that is made using natural water-soluble gums and contains chlorhexidine gluconate, known for its antiseptic properties.  Because it has antiseptic properties, the product is perfect for internal exams such as rectal or vaginal exams.  The product is made by Fougera, a leading manufacturer of generic type medical products and medications.

It is essential to use some type of lubricant when performing many types of examinations and medical procedures. It is best to use a water-soluble type of product so that it is more easily removed after the procedure is complete. A water-based lubricant will dissolve with water and will be rendered harmless to the body.

Surgilube is a non-irritating lubricant.  This makes it ideal for use in particularly sensitive areas of the body.  Because it contains antiseptic, it can be used on places that could have irritation, cuts or scrapes.  There are many uses for water-based lubricants.  They are used in both hospital settings as well as in home health care situations.

Lubrication is necessary in many surgical procedures.  It can also be used in home health situations.  You can order the product online to take advantage of the fastest and easiest way to purchase health care items. It is a good idea to keep some lubricant in your home first aid kit.  If you require it, you’ll have it on hand.

Lubricants are also required when using catheters or other similar health care items. The antibacterial properties allow it to have a two-fold purpose.  When you want to ensure that the area is properly lubricated, such as in the insertion of a needle or catheter, apply product to the area before you begin the process.

If you use the lubricant regularly you will want to find the best price.  Shopping online affords you the easiest way to shop for this and other medical supplies while giving you the best price possible.  There are various ways to purchase the product depending on the use that you have. 

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