Simple Reasons to Choose Biofreeze

How do you deal with muscle or joint pain that puts limits on your movement? If you are working with a medical professional to address your condition, it quite likely that you have been told to “move it or lose it” because atrophy is a common side effect of strong pain. What is atrophy? It is when a muscle begins to shrink and pull away from the bones that it is meant to support, or to simply stiffen and weaken. This is a serious problem associated with pain, but a product known as Biofreeze can help.

Though there are health products such as bandages and supports to help injured or sore joints and muscles to continue to move, if the problem is more about pain than injury…well, you may find yourself hesitating to move too much. The Biofreeze product helps people to overcome such a dilemma by interrupting the classic “cycle” of pain.

For example, Biofreeze is applied directly to the skin, via a patch, gel or spray. As it sinks into the skin, it triggers specific nerves in the skin, and this activity actually makes a “gate” or blocked passage to the pain receptors in the brain. Basically, the application of the menthol-based Biofreeze is going to stimulate nerves in the skin and then interrupt the pain signals in that area.

So, if you have sprained your knee and find that you are hesitating to move it because of the pain, you are going to soon have a very stiffened knee and you are also going to find it harder and harder to get that knee back in shape the longer you refuse to move it. If, however, you apply a topical pain reliever such as Biofreeze, you will notice a dramatic decrease in discomfort. This is going to allow you to begin to move and mend the injured limb.

Remember that most muscle tenderness and joint pain relies on good circulation to heal properly. It is circulation that helps reduce swelling, conquer infection, and to carry the necessary cells to any area of the body that requires support. It is only through movement and an elevated heart rate, however, that we increase the amount of circulation to any area. If we want to reduce swelling and heal tissue, it means we have to help the body to do so, and that means we have to move! Biofreeze is a good tool for this sort of supported healing.



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