Shopping From Vending Machines - Growing or Fad?

Vending machines have been around since the 1880s, when the first commercial machine was introduced in London; it dispensed postcards.

Since then, these instant machines have sold food, beverage, cigarettes, and more. When it comes to household budgeting, it’s quicker, faster, and less expensive to grab a sandwich and soda from a vending machine than to grab a hamburger and fries.

Now with the advent of new and innovative vending machines, it begs the question: are vending machines on the way out or just beginning to take off? AS families and households work out the kinks in their monthly household budgeting, it seems the latter, according to Popular Mechanics. They report that new, high-tech vending machines are dispensing pizza, coffee, ice cream, and even awesome 3D printing prototypes. If you’re in the mood for pizza and wine on your way home, for dinner these machines are starting to pop up with just such options.

Vending machines are gaining popularity all over the world. And they are gaining "intelligence." For instance, in Tokyo, Japan, machines have neon "electronic eyes" that can observe customer's skin and wrinkles, to determine whether they're old enough to buy tobacco. In upscale Canadian bars, women's bathrooms contain machines that hold flat irons and beauty products for women's convenience.

In Abu Dhabi, lobbies of luxury hotels offer vending machines that dispense gold bars and coins. In the U.S., machines now allow credit cards, and won't charge them until the product, which can amount to thousands of dollars, has dropped down. Existing businesses are getting on the bandwagon and beginning to realize this lucrative option.

A report from the New York Times states that companies are venturing to this side of business because it saves them money - mainly in terms of hiring employees - and customers find this option saves them money with regards to household budgeting.

Fashion, beauty, electronic, and other such companies see the potential to investing in this opportunity, observing the possibilities they can envision with high-tech vending machines.

This new line of marketing strategy is also being noticed by new companies who are getting in on the ground floor of this evolving automatic retail store. Advantages to using vending machines include:

  • Saved space - machines placed along a wall can be high or wide or both, and contain many products.
  • Less employees - businesses can cut back their work force if they have electronic machines that dispense their products.
  • Less expense - again, by saving on employees and space, companies can save money, which in turn allows them to lower their prices.
  • Larger variety of products - the possibilities are limitless, if a company invests in many vending machines.
  • Less maintenance - high-tech machines are designed to basically take care of themselves, so just regular maintenance should be sufficient.

In the last year, well-known companies have put their label on vending machines, including Best Buy, Apple, Quiksilver, the Body Shop, and more. It looks as if vending machines are definitely here to stay.

New, more high-tech machines, including the newest printing prototypes, are quickly being created. Soon, instead of just having the product dispensed, these incredible machines are creating the products - all from a command from its user. Now, how cool is that?

Next time you're hungry or want the newest popular gadget, without hitting the mall, consider vending machines. Include some allowance money into your household budgeting and use this growing and evolving option for getting exactly what you want, when you want it.

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