Shopping for Plus-Size Style in New York

In a city known throughout the world for its fashion, the plus-size clothing New York once showcased and offered was surprisingly spare.

Times have changed and there are some fantastic styles available for any plus-size fashion maven. With the party season upon us, there will be plenty of occasions to try out the newest dresses out there. The styles, detail and fabrics continue to be outstanding, with so many designs to fit any taste or budget.

For the woman about town, here are some occasions, and the matching dresses, that will wow friends, family, neighbors and coworkers.

One of the most memorable events that occurs each year in New York is the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center. Your first inclination may be to wear pants and a sweater due to the cold weather. Stop that thought right there. Last fall there was a huge explosion of the sweater dress and this fall designers have continued with that inspiration. Imagine a luxurious cashmere sweater dress, paired with a gorgeous pair of leather boots. The tree might get as much attention as you will.

With its cooler temperatures, Fall is also the perfect time of year for female bonding time and shopping with your best girls. Think about a fun and flirty dress in one of the new colors designers have showcased. An apricot colored, gauzy dress with a simple collar will impress all of your friends and be a hit. The fabrics are suitable year round but help bring a bit of lighter color to an otherwise darker wardrobe season.

The plus size clothing New York designers unveiled before was more conservative, but this season you can expect to see those short hemlines, beaded and sequined busts and serious silhouettes. A great versatile dress to consider for almost any occasion is the new convertible dress. These dresses can be arranged in more than five styles. You can purchase them in solid colors, two-toned, short or even long. It may help to get more than one so that you have a dress for almost every occasion.

Forget covering up for the fall season and find yourself a couple of fabulous dresses. You will have many an occasion to wear them and you’ll see that, with the right accessories, shoes and atmosphere, dresses are always fashionable.

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