New Study on Potential Alzheimers Cure

The Alzheimer’s disease, medical supplies and geriatric research outfit, Life Extension, recently (as of August, 2011) announced a new study they will be conducting that requires subjects suffering Alzheimer's disease, physician-diagnosed as medium to severe. The study involves testing the effects and efficacy of several holistic and natural supplements as well as another newer, experimental form of treatment for the disease. The study, Life Extension says, will last approximately 17-18 weeks.

The study will monitor the results of a weekly injection of a medication known as Enbrel. The generic name for the drug is Etanercept. Currently, physicians use this medicine to treat rheumatoid arthritis in conjunction with certain types of nutrition supplements. The researchers conducting the study suspect that these two treatments may also help to treat a neural inflammation they suspect as a factor in causing Alzheimer's disease.

Although the way in which Alzheimer’s disease manifests itself in each sufferer in a slightly different many and pattern, many of the symptoms for it are common. People often diagnose early onset symptoms of the disease as stress, or age related. Often sufferers will experience difficulty producing and retaining new memories. They will also encounter difficulty recounting and explaining recent events.

The disease inflicts an estimated 20 million people in America alone. It destroys memory, intelligence. It eventually renders suffers incapable of exercising even the most basic motor and cognitive skills required for independent living in society.

What makes the current situation exceptionally tragic with regards to this disease is that the current health resources available to treat Alzheimer's sufferers provide minimal results and only in the short term. Additionally, these drugs often produce side effects so severe that many patients cannot take them.

At Life Extension, the Director of Clinical Research's name is Steven Hirsch. Hirsch discussed the exciting implications of this new drug's discovery. Until this moment in medical history, an Alzheimer's diagnosis was simply an ultimatum to a patient that they will spend the rest of their life with degenerating mental capacities and will die confused and disoriented. The disease is often times the primary fear of people as they age.

Hirsch believes the discovery of this new medication to be the first time that researchers have the opportunity to observe a potentially effective cure for the disease. Life Extension currently seeks volunteers to participate in their study. To do so would provide a direct benefit and enormous hope to many who will suffer this debilitating illness now and in the future.




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