Massage Accessories

If you have ever received a professional massage at a spa or clinic chances are you probably sat in a massage chair or laid down on a massage table. No matter what type of massage you received there were many tools that went into making your experience enjoyable. In fact, you may have been so relaxed during your massage that you did not even consider the items around you that were contributing to your massage experience.  However if the items had not been there you may have been less comfortable.

Massage therapists take great pride in insuring their clients have the best experience when receiving a massage. They want them to feel relaxed during and after, thus they select the best massage products to assist with this process. One key product involved in massage therapy is a sheet. Massage sheets are placed on the massage table or chair prior to the clients arrival. These sheets not only serve as a barrier for sweat and body oils that can be released during the massage but they also provide comfort, a warm or soft touch to the skin of the client.

Massage sheets come in a variety of materials, fits and colors. A popular fabric is flannel which comes in flat or fitted. These flannel sheets are made from 100% cotton flannel and are sized to fit all clients. Their coverage keeps the client warm and secure while allowing for easy mobility during the massage.  Other styles of massage sheets include cotton poly sheets, double knit cotton sheets and bamboo. Massage sheets can be purchased in packages of three or as part of a massage starter kit that includes sheets, candles, oils and other materials needed for a massage.

A professional spa should be clean and safe. If you are getting a massage for the first time by a particular massage therapist it is okay to look around and make sure the items being used are sanitary. Massage sheets are easy to remove and wash.  The sheets should be done after each massage is finished and replaced with fresh, clean massage sheets before a new client enters. If you prefer a poly cotton blend over a flannel sheet or vice versa it is perfectly okay to request such. Massage therapists want you to be comfortable because if you are satisfied it likely you will return for another massage and recommend their work to others.


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