Industrial Value Of Silver

For hundreds of years, silver has been valued by society for its amazing properties.  It has been admired for its luster and beauty.  It has been used in a myriad of ways, most of which have been aesthetic enhancements such as jewelry, religious idols, or décor.  Silver has always been valued by civilization for its rarity, but now it’s being valued for its applications in more common household items.  As a result, silver’s industrial value has increased to historic heights in recent years, thanks to new innovations created to make life easier for people throughout the world.

Silver is an element that has amazing properties.  Silver’s applications are extensive, and it can be found in nearly every electronic device used today around the world.  It is used extensively in the medical field as well.  Silver is an excellent conductor of electricity.  It is also one of the most reflective metals, which is why it is often used in scientific mirrors.  Additionally, it has antimicrobial properties.  It is said that pirates would put silver coins in their water to fend off bacteria and keep their clean drinking water supplies safe.  Now, this antimicrobial property has become invaluable to doctors and surgeons, as they use silver-based preparations and dressings for wounds to stave off infections.

As a result of this sudden need for silver, silver prices have skyrocketed.  Silver is worth more than ever before.  As above ground silver supplies dwindle, we will see more and more value placed on this extraordinary metal.  We use silver for everyday applications, and this constantly increasing demand has driven up silver prices through the years. 

Silver, while no longer used in the creation of general coinage in the US, is still available from the US Mint through authorized rare coin dealers.  These coins, known as “bullion,” are 99.9% pure silver.  They can be used as legal tender, but most choose to save them, for their bullion value will often exceed their face value in time.  They are available in a number of denominations, and can often be an excellent addition to add to any portfolio.  Bullion coins are an excellent way to hedge against inflation, as both gold and silver exhibit tendencies to do extremely well in bear markets.  In economic turmoil, there is often no greater asset to have than precious metals in one‘s portfolio, and silver is no different.

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