Helping to Monitor Security at Your Company

Many people in today’s highly advanced technological world have the luxury of telecommuting for work. Contracting jobs have many benefits and allow people to be their own bosses. The workers can create their own work schedules and travel while also getting the job done. New moms are able to stay at home and tend to their newborns while still earning an income. Even though telecommuting has many benefits for both employees and businesses (a company can save money with contractors), there still are a few drawbacks. Businesses can unknowingly put themselves at risk when issuing company laptops out to employees.

By lending out company computers to different employees, a business is taking a big risk. Many bad things can happen to the laptops, including them getting lost or broken. A worker can even download viruses and spyware onto the computer and steal vital company info if they have full admin rights. Admin rights allow an employee to access all of the company files and data stored on a computer. They can use this to their advantage and sell company info to competing businesses as well as the contact info to the company’s clients. This can ruin the company’s reputation and harm the business for good.

A great way for companies to protect themselves is to eliminate admin rights on their computers and use software such as call center software to protect themselves. Eliminating admin rights prohibits the employee from accessing all of the files found on the computer. Call center software allows the business to track and record calls if necessary.

Eliminating admin rights will not affect the worker’s job in any way. They will still have access to all of the important info that they need in order to get the job done quickly and efficiently. They will be able to work and get all of their duties done without having access to all of the company’s important files and documents.

Protecting your business with today’s advanced technology is a great way to save money and add an extra level of security to your company. The software development will help your business get ahead and keep in front of all of their competitors. They will be able to have all of their telecommuting employees get their jobs done efficiently without having access to all of their important company documents. It’s a win-win situation. 

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