From Fashion to Function - How Dickies Does It All

When someone says the word "dickies," many people will automatically begin to reminisce.

This is a word that brings up different meanings. One of the most iconic is the rigid celluloid dickies worn many decades ago. These false shirt fronts would spring up at the slightest wrong move. Today, you can still find those kind of "dickies" in the formal wear world. They offer a great way to give the impression of wearing a shirt, when you are not – but that need doesn't come up often.

Of course, the word "dickies" has other meanings, and one that is used every day by millions. Dickies is actually a popular brand of work clothing. Founded in 1918, the manufacturer's full name is Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company. They carry many forms of work clothing, boots, and belts. One of their biggest lines is medical scrubs and Dickies scrubs, which have been around for decades.

Medical scrubs offer comfortable clothing options for nurses and other staff in doctors' offices, hospitals, and other medical facilities. The idea with scrubs is to offer a uniform look that is easy to clean and cheap to replace. The original use of medical scrubs was solely in surgical settings. However, the convenience and comfort of these clothing pieces started making them more popular in the 1970s.

Today, in the United States at least, they are iconic for medical staff in many settings and many departments. Dickies scrubs are among the best on the market. In a number of styles and colors, these scrubs fit easily into the look of any medical facility.

Do you work for a doctor's office? You can order enough of these scrubs so everyone in the office has scrubs of the same color or pattern to give a uniform look. You can go with solid colors ranging from white to black and every shade in between. If you choose to go with a pattern, you can choose certain patterns for each day of the week. Pediatrician's offices can choose prints specially designed to appeal to younger patients.

Dickies scrubs are a great way to give certain hospital departments a consistent look. Solid colors are perfect for this use. For example, light blue would work for the neonatal unit while emergency room staff could wear magenta. Role differentiation is also easier with colors. RNs can wear light green while LPNs wear dark blue. Dietitians and other non-medical staff might wear completely different colors. The choice is up to the facility.

The beauty of scrubs is their versatility in many different settings. Veterinarian offices are another big users of medical scrubs. Veterinarian technicians and office staff can wear scrubs for the same reasons, including a professional look. Dickies makes patterns that are animal friendly for their veterinarian customers.

The number of styles continues to grow with scrubs. Basic tops offer a V-neck that slips over the head. Other options include the mock wrap look, empire waist, and fashion tops with different necklines and arm styles. Don't forget the coordinating bottoms with drawstring or elastic waistband. Get your Dickies scrubs on order. You can have everyone looking good in just a few days.

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