Five Things You Absolutely Need To Have On Hand for Any Medical Emergency

Five Things You Absolutely Need To Have On Hand for Any Medical Emergency

There is little doubt that today, we live in an age of relatively great medical miracles, made possible by more than century of focused medical inquiry, research and study. In addition, the rate of growth is incredible, given that we now have effective treatments and cures for medical conditions that haunted people just a generation ago.

However, no matter how many miraculous things that are possible today in a treatment center, the one fact that has been true all along remains true today – success with medical treatments is only as effective as the medical supplies that are on hand. The more quickly that medical aid – really effective medical aid – can be rendered, the better the prognosis is for recovery.

In addition, this is true in a variety of different medical areas, for a host of medical problems. It all really does start with first aid supplies. Here are the five categories of supplies that you absolutely must have on hand to be ready for the most common medical emergencies. 


Bandages are the most commonly needed medical supplies around, and it is imperative that any well-supplied first aid or medical kit include more than enough bandages. Remember, they are highly versatile and can be used in a variety of different medical situations in a variety of different ways. Make sure that you have more bandages than you think you will need on hand at all times.


Gauze pads and other compression agents can be extremely helpful for containing blood loss, applying pressure to a variety of different wounds, and staving off the onset of systemic shock on the part of the patient. 

Cutting Instruments

In addition, you will need to ensure that you have the proper cutting instruments handy, including a sharp knife, scissors, tweezers and all of the clips that you need to dress a wound with bandages and gauze. It is important to have these materials handy, as well, in case you need to cut through clothing for any reason. 


It is also necessary to have on hand, in your medical supplies, enough antiseptics and ointments to clean wounds prior to dressing, and to ensure that no infections occur following treatment.

CPR Aids

Moreover, in this day and age, it is important to have on hand all of the tools and aids you would need in order to render effective CPR treatment.