Facts and Figures About How Network Down Time Hurts the Bottom Line

A survey by CA technologies has facts and figures about how network down time hurts the bottom line of your business; you stand to lose billions of dollars annually in data recovery. The opportunity for you to earn revenue is significantly reduced when the machines are not running. The situation is made worse when you have to recover lost data. The problem is made worse by the fact that companies now rely on dedicated Ethernet services and traditional methods to generate income.

You cannot ignore the problem of IT outages because it is real and every business is prone to it. The problem is more pronounced in the retail industry because they use IT services to perform multiple processes. As the IT industry evolves, the outages will continue to have a negative effect on your company’s productivity and its bottom line results.

Over 200 companies in North America participated in a study that confirmed these fears. The data analysis provided insight on the effect of downtime on financial performance and effective performance. According to the study, there are regular and lengthy IT outages in this part of the continent. When the dedicated Ethernet services are down there is an interruption with the critical systems. This results in a reduction in a company’s ability to generate income. The longer a company stays without rectifying the problem the greater their financial losses.

The companies in North America lose revenue of approximately $26.5 billion annually due to IT outages, this means that each company loses an average of $159,331 annually. Within one year, there is an IT downtime of 1,661,321 hours collectively and 10 hours for each company. During the network downtime a company’s ability to generate income is reduced by 29%.

Even when the IT systems are up and running, you still have to put up with a delay of 7.5 hours each year as the company tries to recover its data. This means that an additional 1,255,220 hours are wasted because the company is not yet operating at full capacity.

Once the dedicated Ethernet services are up, a company generates income at 83% because they are dealing with the recovery of data. In order to avoid such losses you need to invest in refined systems and better data protection and recovery techniques. With upgraded resources you will be able to reduce the length and frequency of the outages. Reduce the interruption period by investing in robust data protection policies.

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