Developing your Artistic Portfolio

An important aspect of pursuing art degrees is developing your artistic portfolio. Developing this portfolio may seem very tedious and intimidating but these following steps will help you get started in no time.


Before you even begin designing your portfolio you need to sit down and decide your vision for your work. What is the purpose of your art? It's very important that when people are viewing your work they have a clear sense of your vision and purpose so that they know exactly what you are trying to portray through your art. You need to be sure that your portfolio is concise and this vision is demonstrated throughout.

Design                             Developing an artistic profile

Your portfolio design needs to be presented in a professional manner and needs to be specific to the person or place that you are presenting to. If you're presenting to a gallery your work should be in a case that is specifically made to present fine art and include work that's appropriate for galleries. You also must only include completed work. For example, if you're completing your photography degree you need to make sure that all the pictures you include in your portfolio are fully-edited prints of your best work.


When choosing which pieces to include in your portfolio it's beneficial to have a different perspective. It's hard to critique your own work. Some images or pieces of artwork may elicit emotion which makes it hard to truly assess. It's important to have a colleague help decide which pieces of work to include in your finished portfolio.

Introduction and Presentation

It's important to begin your presentation positively which can be accomplished by making a compliment about the gallery or the work that is displayed. Next, thank them for taking the time to review your work and briefly introduce yourself by giving a short statement about your art history. During the presentation make sure you're friendly and approachable, listen carefully, and don't hesitate to take notes.


It's very thoughtful to send thank you cards to the people who reviewed your portfolio. It's also helpful to include a contact card with one of the images you presented so that they will remember you and your work.

When pursuing art degrees, developing your artistic portfolio is a necessity. Be sure to begin the process immediately and you can be on your way to an art career in no time.


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