Computer Telephony Integration Makes All The Difference

In current business practices, it is hard if not impossible to compete when you do not have the most up to date tools. This applies to your IT systems, it applies to human resources, and it applies to your call center system as well. Without a well functioning and efficient call center system, your customers can end up waiting for service far beyond acceptable limits, leading to serious loss of your customer share. This will inevitably lead to loss of profits and even failure of your business.

In light of these facts, your call center should be equipped with those systems that will allow it to handle the kinds and volume of calls that occur in the modern business climate. For these purposes, computer telephony integration is critical, ensuring that your call center is properly networked and linked. Such computer telephony integration will make sure that you can properly handle response to customer requests at any point in the business day, whether at peak call center hours or during lulls in activity. Just as importantly, this computer integration will make sure that customers are properly routed to the department or company units that they require to do business with you. And all of this should be done with minimal wait times and without disconnects from your call center.

Computer telephony integration also allows you to perform maintenance on your call center system with far greater ease, given that such integration can provide many kinds of useful data on system functioning. Software downloads of call center testing applications will provide system testing of all possible telephone pathways. Such comprehensive testing will provide data on many varieties of go right and go wrong possibilities. Such testing makes it possible to fix common, and uncommon, problems within the call center before they begin to impact customers’ needs, thus saving your company from lost repeat buyers and lost revenue.

At the same time, computer telephony integration will provide critical information about employee practices as well. With such integration, companies can easily and quickly generate reports on such useful data as call durations and call content so that training and employee compliance can be enhanced and customized. With this data stream, issues with individual employees can be identified and compliance enforced with tangible evidence of lack of compliance and performance issues. Call center-wide training can also be customized through recognition of trends in calls center performance, thus allowing you to build a more efficient and high quality customer interface.

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