Most special interests or hobbies have some kind of publication with which to learn about or follow the news regarding said interest. Those interested in the pursuit of rare coins are little different in this regard, with several ongoing publications catering to this market, the biggest of which are Coin World and Numismatic News.

Silver - Silver Bullion Bars - Buy Silver Bars - Buying Silver BarsCoin World is a weekly magazine which its own publisher describes as being “THE source for US and international hobby news coverage”. While a little hyperbole from the magazine’s own publisher is no doubt to be expected, on this occasion it appears to be justified, as the majority of those in the industry also appear to regard Coin World as the premium publication for those interested in the field of rare coins. A subscription to Coin World costs just forty two dollars per year, which works out at around something like eighty one cents per weekly magazine, which seems phenomenally low for such an acclaimed and esteemed publication, let alone one which has ninety pages per issue as well. The majority of the regular columnists for the magazine are generally recognized as being among the leaders in the industry, and many of the big name rare coin dealers also advertise within its pages on a fairly regular basis, as well as many smaller dealers. The great majority of the magazine devoted itself to estimating the retail value of collectible United States coins in a variety of their conditions, while subscribers also receive a once a month insert called “Coin Values” which features articles on the current hot trends in coin collecting, plus market analyses and studies of other current trends. Subscribers are also given the ability to access the magazine’s online site, which gives details of such trends on a daily, rather than weekly or monthly, basis, thus keeping subscribers as up to date as it is possible to get. If you can only afford one such specialty magazine devoted to rare coins, Coin World appears to be the main choice.

While Coin World may get the majority of the plaudits, many agree that as far as quality publications in the field of rare coins go, Numismatic News is actually not too far behind its rival, keeping readers up to date on relevant news such as activity within the US Mint, as well as at auctions, coin shows etc, in addition to quality articles. Subscribers can buy the weekly magazine for just twenty five dollars a year from Amazon, which works out at an amazingly generous forty eight cents per issue.


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