Choosing Appropriate Paintball Guns

Choosing Appropriate Paintball Guns

Even if you have been playing paintball for quite a while, it can be overwhelming trying to choose from all of the different paintball guns that are available. Beginners often have a short list of guns from which to choose, but when you’re ready to move up to a mid-range gun, the selection gets quite a bit wider and probably a little harder. Moving into the advanced or even professional range opens up even more choices, though by that time, you will probably already know exactly what you need from your paintball guns to perform well every time.

Buying a beginner gun is always a good idea, especially if you have not played for very long. These paintball guns are not as expensive as some of the higher end models, so if you ever decide that you just don’t like paintball anymore, you won’t be out hundreds of dollars for a gun you will never use again. Many manufacturers are careful to offer quality guns for low prices, so that beginners will have plenty to choose from when they’re ready to buy. You can find pistols and rifles in the beginner range, and these will cost you anywhere from seventy to one hundred seventy dollars. There are some things you may need to sacrifice, such as consistency or a quiet report, but you can get speed and lots of fun out of beginner paintball guns.

The mid-range guns are really just a step up from these beginner selections. You will find that the consistency is better, the velocity of the shots is usually faster, and some of the other features are improved. These guns can often run up to around five hundred dollars each, so it’s important to make a list of the features you’d like in your mid-range gun. You might find that you can get what you’re looking for in a less expensive gun, so take the time to look around until you get it just right.

The professional guns, as you might expect, can cost upwards of one thousand dollars. In fact, the top of the line guns near the two thousand dollar mark, but you can just imagine all of the features that you can expect with a gun of this price. By the time you reach this level of play, you will already know exactly what you want from your paintball guns, so choosing will probably be much easier for you.

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