Choose the Right Paintball Apparel to Keep Safe

If you have played paintball before, even if it was just once, you know how painful getting hit by one of those speeding little balls of paint can be! While it might be a matter of pride for some of the guys you know to play the game in their t-shirts and shorts, it really isn’t the best idea. Aside from the stinging pain of a paintball hitting and breaking against your skin, it can be dangerous. However, with the right paintball apparel, you will be able to reduce the pain that you feel and have a much more enjoyable game.

First, you need to make sure that you have safety gear. You don’t need a suit of armor, but you do need some of the basics for protection. Never play without goggles and a helmet at a minimum. A paintball in the eye, ear or temple can cause some serious damage. In addition to those items, you can wear some other paintball apparel that will be able to reduce your risk of injury.

It is a good idea to wear long sleeved shirts and long pants. While you might think that you have more freedom of movement when you are wearing less, getting hit on bare skin will cause swelling and stinging, which is certain to reduce your movement.

Because of the rough nature of the sport, you will probably be doing quite a bit of rolling around and diving. You might want to consider buying knee and elbow pads, or buying specially designed paintball apparel that already has extra protection along these areas of your body.

Something you might want to consider the next time you are picking out your paintball wardrobe is the benefit of wearing baggy clothing. Not only does this offer freedom of movement, but it also reduces the speed of the paintball and can make getting hit hurt a little less.

When you are choosing your clothes, you should also consider the environment in which you are going to be playing. Try to choose colors that blend into the surroundings for your clothing and even your shoes. When you do a better job of camouflaging yourself, you reduce your chance of being seen and hit. Even though you might love that hooded red sweatshirt you have, it isn’t going to make you a master of stealth when it comes to your next game!

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