Can Doctors Effectively Diagnose You Remotely?

One of the latest trends to hit the internet is the ability to conduct a doctor’s visit and be diagnosed remotely. Can one, however, receive a proper diagnoses through an online visit?

Looking at technology today we can see that advances in high speed internet service provides the ability for better cable, phone service, and an ability to search online much faster than we ever thought possible. Many of us game online, work online, shop online, socialize online and pretty much just about anything you can think of is done online. But a doctor's visit?

Imagine coming down with a cold and never having to leave your home to be written a prescription for it. To be diagnosed by simply turning on the computer with a high speed internet connection and being face to face with a doctor who asks your symptoms, evaluates your answers, and determines a way to make you better. How many times have we gone to a doctor's office and spent big money to simply be told, "It's just a cold, go home and rest."

Too Good To Be True?
You cannot deny the convenience of not having to leave your home, its cheaper cost, the ease of being able to get a second opinion and not having to wait for an appointment. Still, online care leaves out the important face-to-face contact between doctor and patient and the ability for the doctor to really see, hear, and observe what is going on with your body. It takes out the all important physical exam. This exam helps the doctor correctly figure out exactly what is going on as there can often be so many different conditions and diagnoses.

People generally have a family doctor. A concern about going online is the fact that you would "see" different physicians resulting in doctors not really knowing anything about your medical history or what is going on with you. You also run into some sites that will report back to your primary care giver and some that do not, resulting in several different doctors only knowing certain parts of your medical history.  

Overall, even with the convenience of high speed internet, if you are concerned with receiving care from a professional who knows and cares about you, and not just someone who determines what is wrong with you by what you are able to tell them, it is better to stick with a doctor that provides one-on-one personal care for you and your family.

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