3 Skills Psychology Graduates take into the Workplace

A degree in psychology isn’t just a means of analyzing interpersonal behavior, or helping a person through an emotionally trying time. While they are highly valued for teaching students these skills, these represent just a subset of the many skills psychology prepares graduates for out in the real world. You can count on heightened career opportunities and more proficient liaisons with business partners with your degree in psychology, because it gives you these 3 skills that can be applied to any field of endeavor.

  1. You don’t often think of psychologists as computer whizzes, but you should be aware that most have a degree of computer proficiency considerably higher than average, because of all the data analysis involved in laboratory and social experiments. Various word-processing and data analysis programs are a must in the modern world, and a psychology degree ensures that you are well-trained in those areas – you would need to be to keep up with the class work in your upper-classmen years.
  2. You will have gained an acute awareness of different perspectives, and be far from narrow-minded as a consequence of your training. A degree in psychology stresses the importance of being able to analyze a problem from multiple points of view, even seeing beneath a well-masked surface to coax out the true problem in a situation. You would have studied many different case studies, covering the gamut of psychological states.
  3. Deliberate problem solving and the ability to evaluate situations critically are central to a degree in psychology. After all, emotion usually keeps pragmatism at bay, and this makes objectivity difficult. You would have been trained to correctly identify fallacies with a healthy dose of skepticism when faced with unsubstantiated claims, and react accordingly. This can be useful in any environment, from a highly-charged board meeting, to a competitive locker room where you may be a sports psychologist or even coach, because a degree in psychology is useful in a range of fields.

There are many other abilities that a psychology degree can give you in the workplace; most of them are variations and extensions of these three, which are not bounded by profession. It gives psychology graduates a marked advantage in the job market, to have so much emphasis placed on a set of skills that is not at all restricted to an actual career in psychology.


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