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* Hello, Angel Babes ;] Welcome to a night just for YOU! * NO, I really mean it, a Party for all you are, all you have been through, all you are becoming! It is a Self Love Soiree, thought you'd like that, me being a little fancy :] YOU deserve it! In honor of National Self Love Day which is February 13th and to share a lot of what has saved and dramatically improved my existence on Earth, the thing that I actually believe with ALL my Heart can change the Universe in a short matter of time so that we don't spontaneously combust from all the utter despair out there! WE will learn as a participatory, warm, and kind Community what exactly Self Love is, Why it is SO important, how to do it, and then Rock On!
* If everything else in your world stems from your relationship with you, isn't THIS relationship the most detrimental relationship to cultivate, and care for continuously?!
* Think upon this,especially if you're having thoughts come up like " How stupid! ", " Isn't that selfish?! ", " I thought Self Love was masturbation! " ........truthfully it is the least selfish thing you can do and don't worry, No public masturbation here!!!

* Please join Me and US to :
*Learn and Remember how to like yourself just as you are! JUST as you are!
* Witness Good Souls of Broome County and beyond being honestly friendly and non threatening to each other, showing emotional concern and support to people we know and don't! Expect to be a friend and make friends!
* Hear about the 10 Branches of Self Love created by Christine Arylo and do an art activity to remind you to enact these on a daily basis.
* Be a part of Powerful Group Affirmations to UPlift your Mind, Body, Soul states, can you decide to be vulnerable enough to put effort into this to change our community culture : how high can you get without being High?! Let's find out!!!!!!!!
* Get in on the Endorphin raising and Laughter making " YES" Manifestational Method by the late Tantra Teacher Psalm Isadora.
* Jump on a trampoline........Is there anything more enjoyable?!
* Stretch your confidence and remember how to be gentle with yourself in a slow flow Yoga Class!
* Heal long standing wounds with an Inner Child Meditation.
* Eat a Unique and Energizing Organic Food Buffet
* Hug at least 5 people you didn't want to ahahhahahaha. KIDDING! YOU hug who You want! and * Receive Self Care Goody bags to continue your Self Love Journey!

* 25% of the proceeds from this Exhilarating and Freeing event are PROUDLY being donated to Our Extraordinarily Special Love Bugs and Change Makers at TruthPharm :]
* It is My deepest Pleasure and Honor to Serve You and bring you back to the ultimate Truth of who you are: LOVE! ♥

  • When: Tue Feb. 12
    6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

  • Address: 30 Main Street
    Binghamton New York,US 13905

  • Web: Visit Website