Event Details

You know how they always say wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season? We can actually make that come to life. Put true meaning to the words and set yourself up for the new year ahead of the game!

Join us for a special event where you can learn about simple, basic steps to begin your journey to a more fulfilled life that is built around the things that matter most. Through our Optimal Health Program and Community, YOUR Optimal Life can become a reality.

You will hear from experienced health coaches and real life clients that have transformed their health and opened up their lives to Health and Hope. Join us for a HEALTHY HOLIDAY MEAL and see what you want and need in your life now and how OPTAVIA™ might be a fit for you.

MENU: Roasted Chicken, Cauliflower Rice Stuffing, Mixed Green Salads and Sweet Potato Pecan Muffins

Which areas of your HEALTH are you looking to IMPROVE?

Healthy Body? Weight Loss, better nutrition, control, or general improvement in healthy habits?

Healthy Mind? Relationships, personal growth, spiritual grounding, or placing those that matter most first?

Healthy Finances? Comfort in paying your bills, new career with purpose, extra cash or over all financial freedom?

  • When: Sun Dec. 9
    4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

  • Address: 10 Henry Street
    Binghamton NY,US 13901

  • Web: Visit Website