Hashing Out Breakfast

Fried Eggs Breakfast

If you’re reading this in Texas, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Ohio, Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania or Kentucky, to name a few, you’re in luck.


First Watch restaurants are in all those places and more. Now, why would I push a retail enterprise in a column and shill for a national chain? Because they’re shilling for me!


Last month, I wrote a column for Huffington Post, ‘First Watch, Last Chance’, where I blasted the chain for acquiring my favorite breakfast place in Arizona for the past 12 years, The Good Egg and taking my beloved La Casa Potenica off the new menu as all their Good Eggs convert to First Watch. The pain was eggscruciating.


I figured I had spent nearly $50,000 at the eatery and that they cared nothing about customer loyalty. Well, I flipped my pancakes when I got a response from the President and CEO of the company.


Not one of those diet emails, where they take out all the good ingredients. This was packed with goodness and President Chris Tomasso captured the flavor of my rebuke.


He appreciated my loyalty and showed his sunnyside in his letter, not hamming it up, but giving me exactly what I ordered.


This is a tale about corporate America doing the right thing. Not all of them have the eggstraordinary (meat) balls to confront their strengths but when they do, it reinforces ones faith in business leaders hashing out their mission and keeping people stuffed with good vibes.


For those of you still pecan at this post, the business of America is service. Companies rise and fall on being responsive. As a pr executive, it’s clear that people just want to be heard. It’s not that complicated. Customers are the lifeblood of any business concern and when you turn a deaf ear, you’d batter take a long hard look at your business model. Ignore their beef and suffer the consequences.


I have concluded that I will remain a customer of the new First Watch awarded more than 200 customer-voted “Best Breakfast” and “Best Brunch” awards, along with the Nation's Restaurant News 2015 Consumer Pick award for Family Dining and have more than once, been recognized as the Best Breakfast Restaurant by Consumer Reports.


I don’t get anything for praising them. Sure: The Barry ‘would’ be great on a menu but hearing back from them gave me my just desserts. Wake Up. It’s Breakfast Time in America.