Binghamton Shopping

Plenty of shopping options in Binghamton, New York.
Take Home a Souvenir When You Go Shopping in Binghamton, NY

Binghamton, NY is a major tourist attraction, so you should expect a great deal of department stores, malls, galleries, and antique shops along the way to your destination. The major department stores are represented at the Oakdale Mall, including Macy's, The Bon-Ton, JC Penney, Sears, and Burlington Coat Factory. The Binghamton mall is found in Johnson City. Most of the strip malls are found on Vestal Parkway. The downtown area is also a great place for Binghamton shopping.

If you want to buy something worthwhile (as opposed to clothes and cell phone add-ons) then visit some of the well-known art galleries on State Street. For example, there is the Anam Cara Art Gallery, the Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts Gallery, and the Atomic Tom's Gallery. The Orazio Salati Gallery is a great place for local art, and has a large rotating exhibition area, which showcases new artists.

The best of Binghamton, NY shopping also includes gift stores like Tom's Coffee, Cards, and Gifts on Main Street and Mad Hatter Antiques on Clinton Street. This store has many antique gifts and crafts, and is joined by numerous other shops. No wonder Clinton Street is alternately called Antique Row.

Other Binghamton shopping stops might include Parkway Plaza at Rano Boulevard (for chain stores) The Shoppes at Vestal, and University Plaza at Plaza Drive. The Shoppes at Pierce Hill offer high-end stores like Ann Taylor Loft and Aveda. Lastly, visit the Downtown Endicott area for some downtown walk shopping. There is also a downtown spot for Union District and for Johnson City.

This is a city that meets all of your needs. There’s culture, celebration, a thriving art scene and a large commercial district. Next time you visit the city, take home a souvenir, such as an art painting or a craft. That way, you can always take a little bit of Binghamton’s spirit with you.

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