Binghamton Schools

Binghamton, New York is home to University of New York at Binghamton and it's over 15,000 students.
Inside Binghamton, New York Schools

Binghamton, New York has a thriving educational scene. The educational institutions here are so important that education is considered one of the major career fields in the city. Elementary, middle and high schools are provided by the Binghamton School District.

The school district oversees 6,100 students and 10 schools. They are made up of Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, Calvin Coolidge Elementary School, Horace Mann Elementary School, MacArthur Elementary School, Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, and Woodrow Wilson Elementary School. There are only two middle schools, East Middle and West Middle and one high school known as Binghamton High.

The most famous Binghamton institution is the University of New York at Binghamton. There is a main campus, found in Vestal, as well as a secondary center in the downtown area. It was first established in 1946 and has grown steadily. Initially, it was a small liberal arts college. In 2010, it is now a major university in the nation with a doctoral-granting curriculum. The university is made up of six colleges and schools and 15,000 students.

Other important Binghamton schools in the area include Broome County Catholic Schools, Broome Community College and the Upstate Medical University. If you travel as far as Johnson City, then you will find the Davis College. Ridley Lowell, Elmira Business Institute and Empire College are also represented in this city.

Before changing your home base, consider first how such a move will affect your children, or your own life as a student. Will there be the same opportunities in Binghamton, NY that there currently are in your home state?

You can find the type of school you or your children need in the great city of Binghamton. For more on Binghamton, NY schools contact the school administrative offices individually. Contact numbers are listed at the official county website.

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