Binghamton Real Estate

Beautiful homes in the upstate New York city of Binghamton.
Analyzing the Binghamton, New York Real Estate Scene

You may have vacationed in Binghamton, NY before but have you ever considered moving to the city to live? If so, then let us analyze the Binghamton, NY real estate situation. Binghamton, New York is a small city in upstate New York. Most of the city’s population lives in the terrain near the riverbanks. There are seven major neighborhoods in the Binghamton area: the city center, the west, the south, the east, the north, the first ward and Ely Park.

The city center is also the downtown area. This is where many of the entertainment venues are, not to mention shopping centers and restaurants. The Westside of town is across the Chenango River and holds most of the local residents, a great deal of which is of a student population from the nearby university. The Southside of town is right around the south bank of the Susquehanna River.

This is where you can find the hospital and various retail stores. Eastside is east of the city center, along the north bank of the river. This is another residential zone. Northside is north of the city center and right across from the railroad tracks. This is a light commercial area, as well as a working class residential area. The first ward zone is another residential area, though it also has many antique shops. Finally, there is Ely Park, which is the most northern part of the city, and has several golf courses and apartment complexes.

If you are thinking of Binghamton New York real estate for commercial reasons, or as a relocation point for your family, rest assured it is a thriving community. It is a safe community and presides over a number of important industries. If you are interested in homes for sale Binghamton, NY, then talk to a real estate agent. He or she can tell you about unlisted properties in the area.

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