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Binghamton, NY peaked at 80,000 residents in the 1950s, but now has less than 50,000 residents. Changes in economy (mostly the war and the 1980s economy) are the result of the loss. You may wonder about the current job scene in the “Parlor City,” especially considering the recession we are currently battling. Is the city still thriving?

In order to understand jobs in Binghamton, NY first consider the major industries that power the city. The Binghamton Metropolitan area encompasses two other cities, and this is collectively known as the Greater Binghamton Area. The top employers in this area include aerospace and defense companies like Lockheed-Martin, as well as BAE Systems, Rockwell Collins and L-3 Communications.

The next most important industry to the city is that of high technology. Companies like Endicott Interconnect, IBM (first founded in this city), Universal Instruments and McIntosh Laboratories are thriving in an increasingly technology-based world. Education is another major career field here thanks to several high profile schools, including the Binghamton University as well as Broome Community College.

Food and distribution services also make for a considerable chunk of the economy, with companies like Maines Paper & Food, Frito Lay, Crowley Foods and Willow Run Foods. Other important industries include health care (thanks to the Greater Binghamton Health Center) and United Health Services. There are also other opportunities in insurance (American International Group) as well as retail.

There are a few odd jobs around the city, usually in the Oakdale Mall or one of the many strip malls along Vestal Parkway. Binghamton, NY jobs are also available around the downtown area and around Johnson City. Binghamton employment is thriving, but you must fit yourself within the city’s major fields. All in all, this city is a good provider and a fun city to live in. No wonder it was once called the “Valley of Opportunity.”

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