Binghamton Attractions and Entertainment

Come check out the Binghamton Community Orchestra in Binghamton, New York.
Looking For Fun? Try Binghamton, NY Attractions!

Are you looking for Binghamton, NY attractions? Whether you are traveling to Binghamton for the history or for work, rest assured there is plenty to see on the weekend. One of the greatest attractions of the city is its carousels. Binghamton has six of the last 150 carousels left in the world, earning it the nickname “The Carousel Capital.” You can find six of these carousels scattered around the parks of the city (the Greater Binghamton Area). Try Recreation Park and the Ross Park Zoo.

What about other Binghamton attractions, a world away from parks, history and antiquated carousels? We’re talking about entertainment-the meretricious thrill of games, movies and buying. If you want to get involved in the art scene then visit the Art Mission downtown. This is an independent theater that is housed in a former railroad depot. For modern movies, there is Cinema Saver on Madison Avenue, Lowes Town Square on Vestal Parkway, and Regal Cinemas on Front Street.

Binghamton entertainment continues with sporting events and recreation. For baseball, there is the Binghamton Mets baseball team, and for hockey, there is the Binghamton Senators Hockey Club. Recreation Park hosts its own cycling races, as well as its own tennis challenge.

Other distractions in town include the Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park and the Kopernik Space Center. The Binghamton Community Orchestra performs three times each season while the Binghamton Philharmonic provides a wider variety of music. For live theater, check out Cider Mill Playhouse, Know Theater and Binghamton University Theater. The Binghamton Convention and Visitors Bureau can help you book tickets for local events in the city. The Galumpha is a dance and comedy event with audience participation.

As you can see, this is a diverse city with a range of eclectic entertainment. There is plenty to enjoy in Binghamton, even beyond the six legendary carousels!

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